Alice & Jeff

As a wedding photographer, capturing the special day of Alice and Jeff at Newstead Abbey was a truly meaningful experience for me. This breath-taking venue holds a special place in my heart as I, too, had the privilege of getting married here.

The romantic ambiance and timeless beauty of Newstead Abbey created the perfect backdrop for Alice and Jeff’s love story to unfold. It was a joy to capture their precious moments in the very place that holds cherished memories for me. The unique connection between the couple and the venue added an extra layer of significance to the photographs, creating a beautiful tapestry of love, memories, and shared experiences.

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Alice and Jeff's wedding in the Orangery at Newstead Abbey was a beautiful and emotional affair. The historic Abbey, filled with natural light and surrounded by love, created an intimate and enchanting atmosphere for their special day.

Speeches from friends and family were filled with laughter and happy tears, celebrating the couple's journey and their love for each other. Alice and Jeff's first dance was a moment of pure romance, as they moved gracefully to their favorite song.

As the sun set, casting a golden glow over the abbey, Alice and Jeff slipped away for a quiet moment together by the lake. They reflected on the day's events, their hearts full of gratitude and love.

Newstead Abbey had witnessed many moments in history, but on this day, it was the setting for a new chapter of love and joy for Alice and Jeff. Surrounded by good friends, beautiful music, perfect weather, and an undeniable romance, their wedding day was truly unforgettable.

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